At The Lantern Fest, thousands of revelers join together armed with lanterns for one unforgettable spectacle. There will be music, dancing, s’mores and, when the time is just right, we will light the sky with our highest hopes, deepest regrets, and fondest dreams.
DAY OF ticket prices are $70
(You should buy your tickets in advance and save $$ :)
Ticket prices increase soon!
Grantsville Utah
Utah motorsports campus
Saturday October 13, 2018
For participants 13 years of age and older.
June 30 - July 27
July 28- August 31
September 1- September 14
September 15- September 21
September 22- October 13
Saturday, October 13, 2018
kid's passes
For children ages 4 -12
Utah Motorsports Campus
512 Sheep Ln
Grantsville, UT 84074
Sat, Oct. 13
Gates Open @ 3:00 pm
Lantern Launch @ 7:50pm

Limited Tickets
Due to the popularity of this event, we advise participants to purchase tickets prior to the day of.
WHAT is lantern fest?
Before sundown, friends and families enjoy food, live music, a stage show, princesses, face painting, s'mores, balloon artists, and more. Then, when the time is just right... We will light the night sky with our highest hopes and fondest dreams.
Our mission is to illuminate the human spirit-
bringing family and friends together through one incredible vista.
Our goal is to leave a positive impact
on all who attend our event, as well as the local environment and community.

fest this way
Ready to shine, shimmer and glimmer, Salt Lake City?
Utah Motorsports Campus
512 Sheep Ln | Grantsville, UT 84074
If you have a unique question of your own, please send us an email!
What are the legalities behind lighting lanterns? 
We've worked closely with both state and local officials, as well as fire marshals, to ensure our event is executed safely and legally — especially with regard to the lighting and releasing of lanterns. The Lantern Fest has received a permit for lighting and releasing lanterns (in most places, this practice is illegal unless you have a permit in place). The lanterns that Lantern Fest uses are specially designed- the lanterns are 100% biodegradable, flame retardant and have a fuel cell that has a quicker burn time designed to fully burn out before returning to the earth's surface.
Can I bring my own lanterns?
Outside lanterns are not permitted; this is for your and the environment’s safety, as our lanterns are specifically designed with safety and sustainability in mind. Should you wish to purchase extra lanterns, we will have them available at our merchandise tent.
Is there an age limit?
We welcome all ages! With the number of open flames present at the venue, and especially as darkness falls, please keep a very close eye on any children. Kids between age 4 and 12 are $10 and do not receive a lantern, and children under the age of 3 are free. Children under 13 are not permitted to light their own lanterns.
What time should I arrive at the event?
We open the venue early afternoon for participants to enjoy a leisurely day together full of music and entertainment. For an exact time, check your city's event or Facebook page to see when gates open! Please note that launch times vary by time of year and location, and barring weather concerns, will always be conducted just after sunset. Before your event, we’ll send out an email and update our Facebook event page with all the details you’ll need to know about your venue. But just in case, we recommend you get familiar with the current schedule of your local sunset so that you don’t miss out!
What time do lanterns launch?
After lots of music and snacks, and when the sun sets, it’s time for the magic! The launch time may vary by time of year, location, and weather concerns, but it will likely happen approximately 30 minutes after sunset.
Where do I park, and how much does it cost?
This is dependent upon the venue, but likely yes, so please bring cash. You’ll receive an email and Facebook event notification 1-2 weeks before the event with all the details.
Is there ADA and handicap assistance parking?
Yes! ADA Parking information is provided by the venue, and we recommend coming early to the venue to make sure all requirements are met.
Can I bring food/snacks/drinks?
Food policies vary by venue, but we will email you details 1-2 weeks before the event. You may also check your city's event or Facebook page to see what your venue allows. If you have a specific dietary concern, please plan accordingly.
What does my ticket include?
Adult tickets include a wristband for entry, a lantern, and a small gift bag which includes a marker, lighter, and some yummy s’more supplies. Kid's Passes (for children 4-12 years old) will receive a small gift, but no lantern.
Can I bring my pet dog, cat, or lizard?
We love your pets, which is why they aren’t allowed. For the safety of pets and all participants, please leave your furry/scaly/slimy/squawking friends at home. Participation will be prohibited should they tag along. Service animals are allowed, but please bring required paperwork of proof.
What happens if there's bad weather?
We follow the weather forecast closely leading up to the event, and if we expect rain or sustained winds, we may postpone the event. If the weather isn’t clear enough for a safe lantern send-off, the event will be postponed to a later date. We will send out emails, tweets, and Facebook event page notifications so you have the most up-to-date information.
Can I get a refund?
Because of the nature of the Lantern Fest® event and the outdoor location, all tickets and fees are non-refundable and all sales are final.

Because Lantern Fest events are subject to natural conditions and the potential danger of fire, any Lantern Fest event may be canceled due to weather conditions including wind, rain, or drought situations. Efforts to reschedule the event will be made for the next available date at the venue, where weather conditions permit; participant tickets will automatically be transferred to the rescheduled event. In the event that a participant cannot attend, the new date tickets will be transferable to another person. Please contact us for more information on how to do this.
Is there a promo code I can use?
Well, it must be your lucky day! When selecting your tickets, you will see a blue ‘Enter Promotional Code’ spot in the top right-hand corner. Once you click on that, you can place your specific promo code.
I forgot to enter my promo code!
Unfortunately, we are unable to add your promo code to already-purchased tickets. Once you have registered for the event, we can not add the promo code to your order, or refund the difference of the promo code. BUT, this is a great opportunity to sign a friend up using the promo code!
I'm interested in sponsoring, performing, or becoming a vendor.
We’re always interested in partnering with companies and individuals that add value to our events! We have vendor booth spaces, sponsorship packages, and performer packages available. If interested, email us!
How do I get Lantern Fest to come to my city/town?
Email us with suggestions. Hopefully, we can come soon!
I'm a blogger, photographer, or videographer interested in coming to the event.
Add to it your portfolio! Shoot us an email to start the conversation! Can’t wait!
I lost something at the event, what do I do?
All lost items are taken to our check-in tent. If you’ve already left the venue, you can email us for help finding any missing objects!
Do you have a charity?
Lantern Fest is a for-profit business that believes in giving back to the community, so we donate a portion of our proceeds to our many charity partners. For more information on your local charity partner, visit our website or Facebook page for more information.
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